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Oui, Sire, les Belges sont riches, mais ils ne sont pas les plus riches au monde

Yes, Belgians are rich, but they are not the richest in the world!

15 September 2023
A few weeks ago, Credit Suisse and UBS released their Global Wealth Report 2023. The findings, indicating that Belgians…
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Climate Dashboard update: measuring is knowing

13 July 2023
According to the latest update to the NBB’s Climate Dashboard, it appears unlikely that the world will be able to…
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Monetary policy

Higher interest rates on reserves held at the central bank: a boon for banks?

11 July 2023
Since July 2022, the European Central Bank (ECB) has raised its policy rates sharply to curb inflation. As a result,…

Are price hikes in Belgium being driven by greed?

26 June 2023
“Greedflation” is a portmanteau of the words “greed” and “inflation”, used to describe the practice of firms…
Banking supervision

Lessons from Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse: What would happen if a Belgian bank were to fail?

15 June 2023
The difficulties faced by certain foreign banks earlier this year required the Swiss and US authorities to intervene.…

The macroeconomic aspects of climate neutrality – a European perspective

06 June 2023
The European Union (EU) aims to be climate-neutral by 2050. Even relying solely on existing technologies, especially…
Christine Lagarde

25 years of euro unity

24 May 2023
The euro is more than a currency, says President Christine Lagarde. It is the strongest form of European integration and…
instant payments

What if you received money as quickly as e-mail?

11 May 2023
Communication processes have been evolving since the dawn of time and the use of smoke signals. Today, digital…
1001 plateaux

1001 Plateaux: Participatory artwork connects NBB employees

03 May 2023
Covid-19 and teleworking have put to the test the traditionally close relationship of NBB personnel with their working…

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