Results and minutes of the National Bank of Belgium’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 18 May 2020

Regulated information released by the National Bank of Belgium on 18 May 2020 (5 pm)

The National Bank of Belgium’s General Meeting of Shareholders on 18 May 2020 re-elected Messrs. Eric Mathay and Danny Van Assche as Regents. Also elected to the post of Regent were: Mmes. Mia De Schamphelaere, Claire Tillekaerts, Géraldine Van der Stichele, Véronique Thirion, Estelle Cantillon and Marjan Maes and Messrs. Robert Vertenueil and Christophe Soil.

As a result of these decisions, the National Bank of Belgium’s Council of Regency is now made up of the following members:

  • the six members of the Board of Directors:
    • Pierre Wunsch, Governor
    • Jean Hilgers, Director-Treasurer
    • Vincent Magnée, Director
    • Tom Dechaene, Director
    • Tim Hermans, Director-Secretary
    • Steven Vanackere, Director
  • five Regents appointed on a proposal from the socio-economic partners:
    • Marc Leemans, President of the ACV
    • Robert Vertenueil, President of the FGTB
    • Pieter Timmermans, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB/VBO)
    • Pieter Verhelst, Member of the Executive Committee of the Boerenbond  
    • Danny Van Assche, Managing Director of UNIZO
  • nine Regents appointed on a proposal from the Minister of Finance:
    • Eric Mathay, statutory auditor - accountant
    • Fabienne Bister, Managing Director of Tourisme & Tradition asbl
    • Mia De Schamphelaere, company director
    • Claire Tillekaerts, CEO of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT)
    • Géraldine Van der Stichele, Senior Vice President Operations at the STIB/MIVB
    • Véronique Thirion, Competition Prosecutor General at the Belgian Competition Authority
    • Estelle Cantillon, FNRS Research Director at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB)
    • Christophe Soil, Director-General at (Brussels Planning Bureau)
    • Marjan Maes, lecturer/researcher at KU Leuven

Furthermore, the General Meeting of Shareholders renewed the mandate of Mazars Bedrijfsrevisoren / Réviseurs d'Entreprises, represented by Mr. Dirk Stragier, for a three-year term.

The minutes of the General Meeting can be consulted on the National Bank of Belgium’s website: