Press Release: Publication of the Macroprudential Report and the Financial Stability Report

For the sixteenth year running, the National Bank of Belgium has published its Financial Stability Report.

The publication consists of three main sections: a report on the Bank's powers in macroprudential supervision, an Overview summarising the main determinants of stability in Belgium’s financial system, and a thematic article.

The Macroprudential report released today is the third report prepared by the Bank in its capacity as macroprudential authority. The first part examines the main risks identified in the course of the period under review, as well as their impact on the financial sector and the actions that have been taken. The second part details the macroprudential measures taken by the Bank.

The regular Overview feature of this publication takes a close look at the main determinants of the stability of the Belgian financial system and analyses recent developments in the banking and insurance sectors in Belgium.

The third part of the Financial Stability Report contains one thematic article on the following theme: “Ten years after the financial crisis: regulatory reforms and the Belgian banking sector”.