Press release - ‘‘The Belgians and their money. Differing viewpoints.’’ 18 October 2017

10th National Bank seminar for secondary school Economics teachers:

‘‘The Belgians and their money. Differing viewpoints.’’ 18 October 2017

Introduction by NBB Governor Jan Smets


For the last ten years, the National Bank of Belgium has held an annual seminar devoted to key macroeconomic themes targeted specially at secondary school teachers of Economics. This year’s theme should multiply the points of view surrounding a subject that should be of concern to us all: ‘‘The Belgians and their money’’. The French speaking seminar will take place on 18 October 2017.

How do our compatriots earn their money these days? How do they spend it? Are they still European savings champions? What goes into their savings? And what has changed over the years? What role does the demographic factor play? What impact have the wage moderation measures had on our income? And the low level of interest rates? How is wealth distributed among our fellow citizens and what is this net worth made up of?

Through the Eurosystem, the National Bank helps to defend the euro’s purchasing power… But in its capacity as a regulatory authority, how does it defend our money? Its recommendations on mortgage lending have caused some teeth-gnashing: what message has it been trying to get across, and why?

All these questions will be dissected and analysed by economists and statisticians from the issuing institution under a multidisciplinary approach that will foster a diversity of perspectives and help produce informed conclusions. Delegates attending the seminar will also have a chance to have their say in two hopefully inspiring question-and-answer sessions.

Since 2008, the National Bank’s seminars for educational staff have attracted almost 500 – predominantly Economics – teachers every year from all three of the country’s Communities. Over the years, they have helped teachers to delve deeper into the major economic themes on which the central bank has widely acknowledged expertise: the labour market, macro- and microeconomic statistics, monetary policy, financial stability, etc.          

The 10th anniversary seminar will be opened with a speech by the Bank’s Governor Jan Smets.

As in previous years, this non-fee-paying seminar will be held in the National Bank’s Auditorium in Brussels.

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