New Fit & Proper forms

Following the publication on 20 December 2022 of the new Fit & Proper Manual of the National Bank of Belgium (“the Bank”) and Communication NBB_2021_04 on the digitalisation of the fit and proper process, the Bank informs financial institutions that new Fit & Proper forms will be available on the Bank’s OneGate portal from 31 March 2023:

  • A “New Appointment Insurance” form applicable to insurance and reinsurance companies subject to the Bank’s supervision; and
  • “New Elements” forms applicable to all institutions subject to the Bank’s prudential supervision which have been subdivided into three: (i) a generic "New elements" form for all cases of new elements except the exercise of a new external function, (ii) a "New elements - New external function" form to notify the Bank of the exercise of a new external function, and (iii) a "New elements - Update external function" form to inform the Bank of a significant change in an external function.

From 31 March 2023, the institutions concerned are required to fill in these new forms. The new digitalized forms will be accessible on the NBB FAP Portal as from 31 March 2023.

However, a pdf version of these forms is already available on the following webpage: Communication NBB_2022_34 / Update of the Fit & Proper Manual

A communication regarding the replacement of the eManex platform will take place later.