NBB anti-money laundering regulation of 21 November 2017 - Articles 16 and 18

Art. 16

Obliged financial institutions shall set out in writing for their staff who are in direct contact with customers or instructed with carrying out their transactions:

1° the appropriate criteria enabling them to detect atypical transactions;

2° the procedure required to subject these transactions to a specific analysis under the responsibility of the AMLCO, in accordance with Article 45, § 1, of the Law, so as to determine whether these transactions may be suspected of being associated with money laundering or terrorist financing

Art. 18

Pursuant to Article 9, §§ 1 and 2, of the Law, obliged financial institutions shall adopt appropriate procedures, for carrying out as soon as possible, depending on the circumstances, an analysis of the atypical transactions in order to determine, pursuant to Article 45 of the Law, whether the CTIF-CFI should be notified of the suspicions in accordance with Article 47 of the Law.