The National Bank renews its website

The classification of the target groups, which was applied in the former version, has been redefined in 'Private persons and Schools', 'Press', 'Enterprises', 'Scientific World' and 'Shareholders'; five specific pages have been attributed to each target group. The general menu system is the same whatever the target group and has been elucidated.

The four parts of the home page provide a swifter access to more comprehensive information. The first part, the 'News', highlights current events in the Bank. The most recent statistics are provided in the 'Key figures'. The part 'Publications' holds all recently published works. Finally, the timing of the forthcoming publications and events is issued under the tab 'Coming Soon'.

The compilation and circulation of economic and financial information is one of the tasks of the National Bank. The refreshing of its website first of all aims at improving the services provided to the visitors of its website. Thus, two fundamental objectives set by the institution can also be met: making the access to its services easier and improve the visibility of its activities. Insofar as possible, the information will be provided in four languages: French, Dutch, German an English.

Press Release (pdf - 20k)