Departure of Mr Norbert De Batselier, Director of the National Bank of Belgium

Mr Norbert De Batselier, Director of the National Bank of Belgium, will end his mandate on 24 December 2014.

Mr De Batselier took up his post of Director of the Bank on 1 September 2006. He had previously been the Speaker of the Flemish Parliament.

During his career at the Bank, Mr De Batselier has been in charge of the departments for General Statistics, Currency in Circulation and Branches, Human Resources, Microeconomic Information and the Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at work. He has also represented the Bank in various institutions and committees. More specifically, he has been a member of the High Council of Finance, of the National Accounts Institute’s board, the Securities Regulation Fund Committee, the Management Committee of the Deposit and Financial Instrument Protection Fund and a member of the Administrative Board of the Ageing Fund.

The Royal Decree dated 13 December 2014 confers the title of Honorary Director on Mr De Batselier.

The Bank’s management bodies and its staff would like to pay a warm tribute to Mr De Batselier, whose wide-ranging intellectual and social qualities have helped him to make a major contribution to our Institution’s activities.