Communication NBB_2022_19 / Communication on the exercise of external functions

New platform “External Functions”

We hereby wish to provide financial institutions with an update on the planned replacement of the eManex platform, which is used to inform the NBB of external functions held by managers.

In brief, the eManex platform, which has become obsolete in several respects, will be decommissioned and a new platform for the notification of external functions will be integrated into the Supervision portal.

The initial plan was for institutions to use dedicated “New elements” fit & proper forms to inform the Bank of new external functions as well as changes to previously notified external functions. Forms were even made available to this end on 15 February 2023 for informative purposes (no entry into force). For technical reasons, however, this plan has now been changed. The new solution entails setting up a specific platform in the Supervision portal to enable institutions to submit information about external functions directly and validate the completeness and accuracy of this information annually. The new platform - to be called “External Functions” - will be up and running as from the end of 2024. Tests will be carried out with representatives from the sectors concerned starting in September 2024.

All data currently stored in eManex will be migrated automatically to the new platform. In this respect, it is recommended that financial institutions update their information on file in eManex to ensure that the data migrated to the new platform are as correct and relevant as possible. An addendum to communication NBB_2022_19 on external functions will be published shortly.