Annexes to the Terms and Conditions of the Securities settlement system of the NBB (01/02/2022)

Number Type Name
1     Participation Agreement
  1.a   Participant Identification Form
  1.b   Participant List of Authorized Signatures
  1.c   Securities Account Form
3     General Description of the X/N Settlement System
  3.1   Identification Certificate Exempt Account
    3.1 NL Identificatie Attest Vrijgestelde Rekening
    3.1 FR Attestation d'Identifiation Compte Exonéré
  3.2   Individual Certificate for the Conversion of a Registration by Name
  3.3   List of Beneficiaries of Tax Refunding
  3.4   Tax Date Correction
6     Instructions on Behalf
  6   Instructions on Behalf - No JavaScript
8     Conditions of use of the RAMSES GUI
  8.1   Certification Practice Statement
    8.2a Certificate Policies for the ESCB/SSM Users' Certificates
    8.2b Certificate Policies for the Non-ESCB/Non-SSM Users' Certificates
  8.3   Trusted Agent for the NBB-SSS Registration Authority - Terms and Conditions
  8.4   NBB-Net - Terms and Conditions and Order Form
  8.5   Agreement on the testing of NBB-PKI
16     Guidelines for the use of Secure E-mail
18     Power of Attorney
  18.1   Trading and Settlement Platforms
  18.2   Power of Attorney MTS Associated Markets NV/SA
  18.4   Power of Attorney BrokerTec
  18.5   Power of Attorney MTS S.P.A.
  18.7   Power of Attorney LCH SA & Ltd
  18.8   Power of Attorney FCA & DCA
  18.9   T2S Cross-Border Settlement "Already Matched" Instructions
  19.1   Issuance Fees
  19.2   Service Contract for the Issuance of Fixed-Income Securities
    19.3a Issuer Information Sheet
    19.3b Security Information Form
    19.3c Coupon Form
  19.4   Issuance Program Summary
21     Matching Rules
22     Buyer Protection Instruction
23     Information for DCP
24     Change Request Form
25     Transactions involving an Investor CSD N-account
26     Private Issuance Process Overview
  27.a   Foreign Currencies DVP Transactions and Corporate Actions End User Manual
  27.b   Foreign Currency Cash Account Set-up Form
28     Insolvency Procedure
29     Static Data for Status Eligible Counterparty CSD
30     Settlement Discipline Regime
  31.1   Cash Penalty Appeal