A human, collegial and safe working environment

Looking beyond our attractive wages, we want to pay the necessary attention to our employees themselves. Our focus here is on training, mentoring, support and leisure. We also assume responsibility for our staff's well-being and safety, in the able hands of our health & safety prevention and protection department.

A human and collegial working environment

Looking beyond our attractive wages, we want to pay the necessary attention to our employees themselves. Our focus here is on training, mentoring, support and leisure, all aimed at putting our values – open-mindedness, respect and trust – into practice as far as possible.

In the search for solutions to various challenges within the organisation, I listen to the advice and assessments of other colleagues and experts in order to form a well-founded and nuanced opinion and to issue sound advice. Open-mindedness is important in relations with colleagues and enables people to learn from one another. You cannot expect others to be open-minded unless you are open-minded yourself.
Head of the 2nd Line of Defence Department
6923 dagen training in 2019

In 2019, we chalked up 6 923 days of training, equivalent to 4.6 days a year per employee.

We want to further evolve into an organisation that assesses its employees more on their results and not so much on their presence. Extended possibilities to work from home, more flexible parental leave and our flexitime arrangements are just some of the aspects underlining this goal. We also want to give our staff the opportunity, alongside their day-to-day work, to work on projects in line with their interests.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bank is encouraging teleworking wherever possible. Moreover, extra safety measures have been introduced for those needing to be in the Bank to ensure service continuity. This way, we want to protect our staff and the public at large. The flip side is the threat of staff losing their connection to our organisation and colleagues. This is why we are taking many different initiatives, such as virtual coffee breaks, photo contests on our Yammer channel, testimonials on our Intranet and a corona-proof warmathon to continue strengthening bonds between colleagues.
Head of HR

We also pay attention to the physical well-being of our staff: for example, we offer Pilates and yoga classes during the lunch break, encourage our staff to take at least 10 000 steps a day as part of the Global Challenge, organise all sorts of sports activities via our Club and are currently planning a fitness room in our headquarters building.

We regularly organise lunch-break sessions on health-related topics, such as time management and mindfulness. The Financial Forum and our Delta team also organise lectures on current topics.

"A sports club, great arrangements for bike commuters, a friendly coffee corner, care for children during school holidays, after-work drinks, teleworking, and so on. Collegiality, teamwork and respect are the key focuses.”

A safe working environment

Our working environment should not only be human and collegial, but also safe. We therefore also pay great attention to our staff's health and safety, relying on our Service for Internal Prevention and Safety at the Workplace, including our prevention advisers. Some of these are focused on our physical safety, others on our health and psycho-social well-being.

Our Prevention and Safety Service is launching campaigns to raise our awareness for such problems as burn-out, alcohol abuse and accidents at work. In addition, it organises evacuation exercises and trains employees to become evacuation stewards.

Our staff are always able to contact our company doctor and nurses, while our physiotherapist ensures that everyone has an ergonomic workplace.

A few figures for 2019

In line with our desire to ensure that our staff are able to work under the best safety and well-being conditions, we apply a holistic view to health and well-being, going beyond the statutory minimum
Head of the  Prevention and Safety Service