Public holidays

Public holidays in 2022

Saturday 1 January

New Year's Day

Friday 15 April

Good Friday, in substitution for Saturday 1 January

Sunday 17 April Easter

Monday 18 April

Easter Monday

Wednesday 27 April

Counters closed from 1 p.m.

Sunday 1 May

Labour Day

Thursday 26 May

Ascension Day

Friday 27 May

In substitution for Sunday 1 May
Sunday 5 June Whitsun

Monday 6 June

Whit Monday

Thursday 21 July

National Holiday

Monday 15 August Assumption of the Holy Virgin

Tuesday 1 November

All Saints' Day

Friday 11 November

Armistice Day

Sunday 25 December

Monday 26 December Boxing Day, in substitution for Sunday 25 December

Specific closing days