Public holidays

Public holidays in 2019

Tuesday 1 January New Year
Friday 19 April Bank holiday
Monday 22 April Easter Monday
Wednesday 1 May Labor Day
Thursday 30 May Ascension Day
Friday 31 May Friday after Ascension Day (Bank Holiday)
Monday 10 June Whit Monday
Sunday 21 July National Holiday
Thursday 15 August Assumption of Mary
Friday 1 November All Saints' Day
Monday 11 November Armistice
Wednesday 25 December Christmas
Thursday 26 December Bank holiday

Public holidays in 2020

Wednesday 1 January New Year
Friday 10 January  Counters close at 1 p.m.
Friday 10 April Good Friday (Bank Holiday)
Sunday 12 April Easter
Monday 13 April Easter Monday
Friday 1 May Labor Day
Thursday 21 May Ascension Day
Friday 22 May Friday after Ascension Day (Bank Holiday)
Sunday 31 May Whitsun
Monday 1 June Whit Monday
Tuesday 21 July National Holiday
Saturday 15 August Assumption of Mary
Sunday 1 November All Saints' Day
Wednesday 11 November Armistice
Friday 25 December Christmas

Specific closing days

Some NBB services or applications follow a specific calendar: