The National Bank's archives

The National Bank has extensive and well-structured archives which it makes available to both internal and external researchers. These archives contain valuable information on the monetary history of Belgium in a national and international context.


The archives cover the period from the Bank’s establishment in 1850 to the present day and contain information on various subjects, such as:

  • discounting and discount counters
  • the Bank's activities during the world wars and in the interwar period
  • the Latin Monetary Union
  • the circulation of money/issuance of banknotes
  • currency crises and devaluations
  • the governors of the National Bank
  • the Bank's accounts (balance sheet, accounts journal, weekly statement)
  • the establishment and closure of local branches
  • buildings, including original architectural plans

Digitised collections

Some of the Bank's collections and publications have been digitised and are available online:

Upon request, the following can also be consulted in digital form:

  • minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors (1850-1990)
  • minutes of meetings of the Council of Regency (1926-1990)
  • minutes of meetings of the Board of Censors (1850-1990)
  • minutes of meetings of the General Council (1937-1990)

Consultation of the archives

Archived files in which the most recent document is at least 30 years old may be consulted. Consultation requests should be sent to [email protected], with a clear description of the research subject and period.

Requested files will not be loaned to external parties. They will be made available and can only be consulted in the Bank’s reading rooms.