The four missions of the NBB

Central banks have four areas of activity, which also make up the National Bank of Belgium’s main raison d’être. Its four missions aim to guarantee well-being, provide security and boost confidence. These missions form the four pillars of our temple, on which our wider vision hinges. As a central bank, the NBB is situated at the crossroads of all economic and financial information about the country, it safeguards price stability, supervises the financial system, guarantees safe cash and efficient payment systems and provides crucial economic analyses and recommendations. The tasks that we carry out put us in a unique position in the public debate.

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In accordance with the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the main objective of the Eurosystem is to safeguard price stability. That gives citizens and businesses the necessary assurance to plan their future.

Prijsstabiliteit vrijwaren

Financial stability and sound financial institutions are essential to ensuring well-being. That is why the Bank’s second mission is to ensure financial stability and supervise the financial system.


The Bank also has a duty to guarantee safe cash and efficient payment systems. Payments need to

operate smoothly and people must have complete confidence in them so that the economy functions as it should, as that affects the quality of everyone’s life.


The Bank’s fourth mission is to provide economic and financial data and analyses. It is necessary to have data in order to study problems, make informed recommendations, and pursue good policies. Sometimes these data are available, and sometimes they have to be collected. For that reason, the Bank gives third parties access to the many sets of statistics that it collects and the many studies that it conducts on the country’s economy.