General Meeting

The General Meeting is not an organ of the National Bank of Belgium. Its powers are limited.


  • hearing the annual report of the past year
  • election of the regents from lists proposed by the Minister of Finance and by the organisations designated in the Organic Law
  • appointment of the auditors, on the proposal of the Works Council
  • modification of the Statutes, but only in cases where this power is not reserved by law for the Council of Regency.

Most of the powers exercised in other public limited liability companies by the General Meeting of Shareholders are, in the case of the National Bank, attributed to the Council of Regency, the body representing the socio-economic field in Belgium.


The Bank's General Meeting is composed of shareholders who have fulfilled the legal formalities to be admitted to the General Meeting of a listed company. It represents the totality of the shareholders.

Date and place

Since 2015, the ordinary general meeting is convened in Brussels on the third Monday of May at 2 p.m., or on the first following bank working day if this day falls on a holiday.

Extraordinary general meetings take place at the date and place mentioned in the notification letter.