Board of directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration and management of the National Bank and decides the direction of its policy.


The Board of Directors appoints and dismisses members of staff and fixes their salaries.

After consultation with the Council of Regency and without prejudice to the regulations adopted by the ECB, it decides on the investment of the capital and reserves. It also pronounces on all matters which are not expressly reserved for another organ by law, the Statutes or the internal regulations.

It meets whenever circumstances dictate, and at least once a week.


The Board of Directors is composed of the governor and maximum five directors. It includes an equal number of French and Dutch speakers.  The directors are appointed by the King, on the proposal of the Council of Regency, for a renewable term of six years. The King confers the title of vice-governor on one of the directors.

NBB Board of Directors

Curriculum vitae of members of the Board of Directors