Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - OneGate

What is OneGate?

OneGate is the successor of the old application CSSR ((Central Server for Statistical Reporting). It is a completely secured online application that is offered by the National Bank of Belgium to the declarers. This application allows the companies to fill in the enquiries online, either by entering the data manually of by the uploading of files.

This is the link to the login-page of the application.

Remark: A similar application exist for entering data for CKO2. These declarations cannot be done with the OneGate-application. The CKO2-application is not yet active. More information about this can be found on the website of the National Bank.

Toe ensure the confidentiality of the transferred data, the National Bank proposes two kinds of access:

  1. Access by means of username and password.
  2. Access by means of Electronic Certificate. This is to ensure an even better confidentiality.

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Access to OneGate

How can I request access?

Access by means of Username and Password

You can request a username and password by mailing to . Please mention:

  • your company-number,
  • the name of your company,
  • name and telephone-number of a contact person,
  • the domains to which you request access (if known) and
  • if you'd like access to the production- or test-environment.

Access by means of username and password is used for the majority of the enquiries. For some enquiries, a higher decree of security is requested. For this we use the access by means of Electronic Certificate.

Access by means of Electronic Certificate

With an Electronic Certificate, you will get an even higher decree of confidentiality. For some enquiries it is compulsory to use an Electronic Certificate.

The OneGate-application recognizes Electronic Certificates from Globalsign, Isabel & Quo Vadis. These are the same certificates that are accepted in E-Government-applications like Intervat, Finprof, Dimona, DMFA and DRS.
These certificates can be gotten from the following providers:

These providers give an Electronic Certificate after payment and after authentication by the applicant. Generally, it is compulsory to physically report to these companies with your ID-card before receiving the Electronic Certificate.

When logging into to OneGate-application, choose the option "identification with an Electronic Certificate" and choose your copy of the certificate.
During your first login, the person logging in will be asked to identify themselves. This happens by entering an identification-code (e.g. BIC-code, KBO-number...). During the next hours, access will by granted to the user. This is confirmed via email.
If the certificate was already registered and valid, the user will get immediate access.

Only for Banks and Monetary ICB's, there exists a possible to work with a NBB Electronic Certificate.

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Do I need a username/password or do I need an Electronic Certificate?

Generally, you'll just need a username/password. If however, the inquiry concerns sensitive information, you will be asked to log-in using an Electronic Certificate. This is different for each inquiry. For more details about this, please contact the responsible member of staff for this inquiry with the National Bank.

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What do I do when I loose my password?

I you loose or forget your username and/or password, the declarer must contact the administration of the OneGate-application. He will be given an new username and password.

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Third Party Declarers

What is a Third Party Declarer?

The OneGate-Application allows declarers to given access to a third party (accounting firm, fiduciary office...) to fill in their inquiries for them.

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What do I do when I want to assign a Third Party Declarer?

If you want to assign a Third Party Declarer, you have to fill in this document. This document should then be sent to the administration of the application. They take all next steps regarding the Third Party Declaration.

Toegangsbeheer OneGate
NBB - Dienst DQSI
de Berlaimontlaan 14
1000 Brussel

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OneGate new user interface

What actions do I have to take?

You do not have to do anything. The transition from the current to the new OneGate happens automatically and step-by-step. The latter can mean that if you submit different declarations, you submit certain reports in current environment and other in the new one. The NBB is doing its best to keep this transitional phase as short as possible.

Quickly familiarize yourself with the new OneGate? Consult the quick reference guide.

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Openingshours OneGate

Monday - Friday 00:00-24:00, Saturday 00:00-16:00, Sunday 12:30-24:00(*)

(*) Declarations submitted on Sunday will only be processed from Monday 00:00.

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Compatibility of Webbrowsers

Which browers can I use for the current OneGate application?

OneGate supports the most common webbrowsers. A complete list of browsers you can use, can be found below. The behaviour of unsupported webbrowsers cannot be guaranteed.

  • Windows-users can use the following webbrowsers: Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera.
  • Linux-users can use the following webbrowsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera.
  • Mac-users can use the following webbrowsers: Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

It is also possible to use OneGate when using the Internet Explorer 9 browser. However, in that case it is necessary to use the compatibility mode.

Which browers can I use for the new OneGate application?

The new OneGate application works on the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 11 (*), Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera.
  • Linux: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera.
  • Mac: Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

  • (*) Like Microsoft, we recommend for performance reasons using the Edge browser instead of Internet Explorer 11

We can not guarantee you proper operation on other web browsers.

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