The use of NBB.Stat constitutes agreement with the following terms and conditions of use.

The National Bank provides free access to the data released on NBB.Stat, in accordance with the principles of the "Policy regarding the reuse of ESCB statistics". The National Bank nevertheless reserves the right to amend, revise or subject to conditions, at any point in time, its policy governing the supply and reuse of statistics.

In order to give NBB.Stat users optimal access to the data, the National Bank has developed an IT infrastructure that is able to meet normal and everyday information requirements of users. However, the application is not intended for systematic and large-scale consultation or downloading of the databases. Should the National Bank find that optimal access may be jeopardised, it reserves the right to impose restrictions. Anyone wishing to consult or download data systematically or on a large scale should first contact the National Bank.

The wording "Source: NBB.Stat - National Bank of Belgium" must be mentioned each time any of the contents of NBB.Stat are reproduced or published, in whatever form, including the reuse for illustrative purposes in the context of an academic course or scientific research.

The National Bank is not responsible for the consultation, retrieval and reuse of information from NBB.Stat by users of the application or other third parties. Nor can it be held responsible for the consequences of any interruption in the supply of data for their temporary unavailability.