Name of Company
  VAT number (BE9999999999)

  Information on your activities
  According to the VAT, you are performing intra-Community acquisitions and/or supplies of goods.

  1) Do the goods enter Belgium physically? Yes No
    Do the goods leave Belgium physically? Yes No
    In the affirmative, are these : regular movements
      one-off transaction
    Describe in a few words the 5 main categories of goods (Mind you : no services) which form the subject of:
    The intra-Community acquisitions The intra-Community supplies
  2) Do you buy and/or sell any goods in other Member states without these goods actually going to/coming from Belgium? Yes No
  3) Do your trade relations, with your trading partners in other Member states, involve any transactions of the following types:
    processing work Yes No
    maintenance work Yes No
    repair Yes No
    installations and assemblies Yes No
    remote sales (mail order selling) Yes No
    investment goods Yes No
    triangular trade (ABC transactions) Yes No