Fill in the code.
Fill in a detailed description of the product. What is the function of the good? Specify the used materials. Is there a commercial name? Are the products fresh or frozen? Does it concern a preparation? Does it concern packing material?.
Give the percentage of the different materials used in the composition or in the mixture.
Describe the main articles used in the composition.
What is it a part of? Specify the used materials. Are the parts principally for use in a particular kind of machine? Or does it concern parts of general use?
Give a website or a URL address where we find more information about the product. Documentation in PDF format can be sent to Please refer explicit to your demand !

  About  Control commodity code

  Identification data

  VAT number (BE0999999999)
  Name contact
  Phone number    

  Description product



  % different materials

  different goods



  Domestic use  
  Industrial use  
  Parts If yes

  Chemical product

  CAS number (eg.50-00-0) - -
  CUS number (5 digits)
  EG number (eg.123-345-0) - -

  Website / URL Address