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General Statistics
Press release - Financial accounts of Belgium
Press release - Non-money market undertakings for collective investment under Belgian Law
Press release - Business surveys
Press release - Consumer survey
Foreign trade
  Press release - Foreign Trade
  Foreign Trade statistic - Monthly Bulletin
  Press release - Net international investment position and balance of payments financial account
National accounts
Press release - NAI - Flash estimate
National accounts - First estimate of the annual accounts
Press release - NAI - Government accounts
National accounts - Government accounts
Press release - NAI - Detailed accounts and Tables
National accounts - Detailed accounts and Tables
Press release - NAI - Supply and use tables
National accounts - Supply and use tables
Press release - NAI - Satellite account of non-profit institutions
National accounts - Satellite account of non-profit institutions
Regional accounts
Press release - NAI - Regional accounts
Regional accounts
Press release - NAI - Regional accounts - Regional distribution of imports and Belgian exports of goods and services
Regional accounts - Répartition régionale des importations et exportations belges de biens et services
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