The publication of the Bank Lending Survey results follows now the ECB for the method of computation of the differences: the order of computation is thus reversed for the credit standards and factors influencing these credit standards. Therefore the sign of the differences is changed in comparison with the previous version of publication (diffusion until January 2015). Naturally the time series have been completely recomputed. The dates correspond to the period of observation. Cf. Methodological explanation.


The analysis of the developments on the credit market is imperative to the preparation of the monetary policy decisions. Credit plays an important role in the transmission mechanism of the monetary policy. The quarterly survey of the Eurosystem regarding the credit attribution, the so-called Bank Lending Survey (BLS), constitutes in this way an important source of information regarding the supply and demand conditions in the credit markets, complementing existing statistics (credit size and interest requested from clients).

The survey, of which you can find the questionnaire via the item "Questionnaire", contains qualitative questions regarding the development of supply and demand of loans during the past quarter and the expected evolution during the next quarter.

This survey had been introduced in January 2003 and the results of the euro area as a whole have been published for the first time by the European Central Bank in her Monthly release of May 2004, as well as on her website. The National Bank of Belgium also distributes the BLS-results of the Belgian credit institutions.

The survey distinguishes between loans to non-financial corporations, loans to households for house purchase and consumer credit and other lending to households. The definitions and classifications used in this questionnaire correspond to those used in other statistics published by the European Central Bank. Both for non-financial corporations and for households, the questionnaire also includes contributing factors regarding the supply of and demand of loans.

An extended version of the questionnaire has been implemented since April 2015. The release of the data in the NBB website is planned for later.