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Inter-industry wage differentials in EU countries: What do cross-country time-varying data add to the picture?

Working Paper N° 189

The incidence of nominal and real wage rigidity: An individual-based sectoral approach

Working Paper N° 191

Wages, labor or prices: How do firms react to shocks ?

Working Paper N° 193

Wage structure effects of international trade: Evidence from a small open economy

Working Paper N° 214

Why firms avoid cutting wages: Survey evidence from European firms

Working Paper N° 251

How do firms adjust their wage bill in Belgium ? A decomposition along the intensive and extensive margins

Working Paper N° 127

Poor and wealthy hand-to-mouth households in Belgium

Working Paper N° 432

From the 1931 sterling devaluation to the breakdown of Bretton Woods: Robert Triffin’s analysis of international monetary crises

Working Paper N° 431

Measuring the share of imports in final consumption

Working Paper N° 430

Export Entry and Network Interactions: Evidence from the Belgian Production Network

Working Paper N° 429