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The distribution of debt across euro area countries: The role of individual characteristics, institutions and credit conditions.

Working Paper N° 252

Downward wage rigidity for different workers and firms: An evaluation for Belgium using the IWFP procedure

Working Paper N° 124

Institutional features of wage bargaining in 23 European countries, the US and Japan

Working Paper N° 154

Understanding sectoral differences in downward real wage rigidity: workforce composition, institutions, technology and competition

Working Paper N° 156

Rigid labour compensation and flexible employment? Firm-level evidence with regard to productivity for Belgium

Working Paper N° 159

Inflation dynamics with labour market matching: Assessing alternative specifications

Working Paper N° 164

How are firms’ wages and prices linked: survey evidence in Europe

Working Paper N° 174

Inter-industry wage differentials: How much does rent sharing matter?

Working Paper N° 180

Downward nominal and real wage rigidity: Survey evidence from European firms

Working Paper N° 182

The margins of labour cost adjustment: Survey evidence from European firms

Working Paper N° 183