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Imports and Exports at the Level of the Firm: Evidence from Belgium published in the World Economy 32, 692-734.

Working Paper N° 114

Economic importance of the Belgian ports: report 2005. Flemish maritime ports and Liège port complex

Working Paper N° 115

Temporal Distribution of Price Changes: Staggering in the Large and Synchronization in the Small

Working Paper N° 116

Can excess liquidity signal an asset price boom?

Working Paper N° 117

The performance of credit rating systems in the assessment of collateral used in Eurosystem monetary policy operations

Working Paper N° 118

Monitoring pro-cyclicality under the capital requirements directive: preliminary concepts for developing a framework

Working Paper N° 120

The determinants of stock and bond return comovements

Working Paper N° 119

Dynamic order submission strategies with competition between a dealer market and a crossing network

Working Paper N° 121

The gas chain: influence of its specificities on the liberalisation process

Working Paper N° 122

Failure prediction models: performance, disagreements, and internal rating systems

Working Paper N° 123