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Assessing European firms’ exports and productivity distributions: the CompNet trade module

Working Paper N° 282

Assessing European competitiveness: The new CompNet micro-based database

Working Paper N° 279

How do exporters react to changes in cost competitiveness?

Working Paper N° 276

European competitiveness: A semi-parametric stochastic metafrontier analysis at the firm level

Working Paper N° 261

Micro-based evidence of EU competitiveness: the CompNet database

Working Paper N° 253

Endogenous risk in a DSGE model with capital-constrained financial intermediaries

Working Paper N° 235

Asymmetric information in credit markets, bank leverage cycles and macroeconomic dynamics

Working Paper N° 224

A bigger house at the cost of an empty fridge? The effect of households' indebtedness on their consumption: Micro-evidence using Belgian HFCS data

Working Paper N° 397

Pockets of risk in the Belgian mortgage market: Evidence from the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS)

Working Paper N° 332

Unemployment risk and over-indebtedness: A micro-econometric perspective

Working Paper N° 294