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Noname - A new quarterly model for Belgium

Working Paper N° 68

Financial intermediation theory and implications for the sources of value in structured finance markets

Working Paper N° 71

Liquidity risk in securities settlement

Working Paper N° 72

Price setting in the euro area: Some stylized facts from Individual Consumer Price Data published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20(2), Spring 2006, pp. 171-192

Working Paper N° 74

An international analysis of earnings, stock prices and bond yields

Working Paper N° 73

Importance économique du port autonome de Liège: rapport 2003

Working Paper N° 75

Income uncertainty and aggregate consumption

Working Paper N° 77

The pricing behaviour of firms in the euro area: new survey evidence

Working Paper N° 76

Crédits aux particuliers - Analyse des données de la Centrale des Crédits aux Particuliers

Working Paper N° 78

Is there a difference between solicited and unsolicited bank ratings and if so, why ?

Working Paper N° 79