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Can Belgian firms cope with the Chinese dragon and the Asian tigers? The export performance of multi-product firms on foreign markets

Working Paper N° 204

Immigration, offshoring and American jobs

Working Paper N° 205

The effects of internationalisation on domestic labour demand by skills: Firm-level evidence for Belgium

Working Paper N° 206

Labour demand adjustment: Does foreign ownership matter?

Working Paper N° 207

The Taylor principle and (in-)determinacy in a New Keynesian model with hiring frictions and skill loss

Working Paper N° 208

Geschäftsbericht 2009

Financial Stability Review 2010

Statistischer Überblick über das belgische Finanzsystem (Oktober 2010)

Belgian Prime News N° 50PDF

The Belgian Treasury’s 2011 Funding Plan published, in a context of renewed strains in the bond market

Belgian Prime News N° 48PDF

Recent developments in the Belgian financial sector