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Identifying credit supply shocks with bank-firm data: methods and applications

Working Paper N° 347

Central banking through the centuries

Working Paper N° 345

Belgian Prime News N° 81PDF

The Belgian financial sector, ten years after Lehman Brothers

Trade and Domestic Production Networks

Working Paper N° 344

Belgian Prime News N° 78PDF

Elevated corporate debt in Belgium: should we be worried?

Belgian Prime News N° 80PDF

Are inflation and economic activity out of sync in the euro area? What about Belgium?

Financial Market Infrastructures and Payment Services Report 2018

Financial Stability Report 2018

The unemployment impact of product and labour market regulation: Evidence from European countries

Working Paper N° 343

The economic importance of the Belgian ports : Flemish maritime ports, Liège port complex and the port of Brussels – Report 2016

Working Paper N° 342