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Imperfect competition in firm-to-firm trade

Working Paper N° 363

The origins of firm heterogeneity: A production network approach

Working Paper N° 362

Some borrowers are more equal than others: Bank funding shocks and credit reallocation

Working Paper N° 361

A macro-financial analysis of the corporate bond market

Working Paper N° 360

Upstreamness, social upgrading and gender: Equal benefits for all?

Working Paper N° 359

Impact of fintech and digitalisation on the Belgian banking sector and its supervisionPDF

November 2018

Update on asset management and shadow banking in BelgiumPDF

September 2018

Productivity, wages and profits: Does firms’ position in the value chain matter?

Working Paper N° 358

IT and productivity: A firm level analysis

Working Paper N° 346

Markup and price dynamics : linking micro to macro

Working Paper N° 357