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Modeling the Term Structure of Interest Rates: Where Do We Stand?

Working Paper N° 42

Interbank exposures: An empirical examination of systemic risk in the Belgian banking system

Working Paper N° 43

Firms' investment decisions in response to demand and price uncertainty

Working Paper N° 45

How frequently do prices change? Evidence based on the micro data underlying the Belgian CPI.

Working Paper N° 44

Financial consolidation and liquidity: prudential regulation and/or competition policy?

Working Paper N° 50

How does liquidity react to stress periods in a limit order market?

Working Paper N° 49

The determinants of pass-through of market conditions to bank retail interest rates in Belgium

Working Paper N° 47

Sectoral vs. country diversification benefits and downside risk

Working Paper N° 48

SMEs and bank lending relationships: the impact of mergers

Working Paper N° 46

Basel II and operational risk: Implications for risk measurement and management in the financial sector

Working Paper N° 51