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Crédits aux particuliers - Analyse des données de la Centrale des Crédits aux Particuliers

Working Paper N° 78

Is there a difference between solicited and unsolicited bank ratings and if so, why ?

Working Paper N° 79

A multi-factor model for the valuation and risk management of demand deposits

Working Paper N° 83

Failure prediction models: performance, disagreements, and internal rating systems

Working Paper N° 123

Agency problems in structured finance - A case study of European CLOs

Working Paper N° 137

Back to the basics in banking ? A micro-analysis of banking system stability

Working Paper N° 167

Incentives and tranche retention in securitisation: A screening model

Working Paper N° 177

Staying, dropping, or switching: the impacts of bank mergers on small firms

Working Paper N° 179

Discriminatory fees, coordination and investment in shared ATM networks

Working Paper N° 184

What determines euro area bank CDS spreads ?

Working Paper N° 190