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The origins of firm heterogeneity: A production network approach

Working Paper N° 362

Productivity, wages and profits: Does firms’ position in the value chain matter?

Working Paper N° 358

The dynamics of trade and competition

Working Paper N° 91

Imports and Exports at the Level of the Firm: Evidence from Belgium published in the World Economy 32, 692-734.

Working Paper N° 114

Exports and productivity - comparable evidence for 14 countries

Working Paper N° 128

Export destinations and learning-by-exporting: Evidence from Belgium

Working Paper N° 140

Multi-product exporters, carry-along trade and the margins of trade

Working Paper N° 203

Human capital, firm capabilities and productivity growth

Working Paper N° 257

Import competition, productivity and multi-product firms

Working Paper N° 268

Does Education Raise Productivity and Wages Equally? The Moderating Roles of Age, Gender and Industry

Working Paper N° 281