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Is euro area lowflation here to stay ? Insights from a time-varying parameter model with survey data

Working Paper N° 355

Endogenous forward guidance

Working Paper N° 354

International food commodity prices and missing (dis)inflation in the euro area

Working Paper N° 350

Can inflation expectations in business or consumer surveys improve inflation forecasts?

Working Paper N° 348

How frequently do prices change? Evidence based on the micro data underlying the Belgian CPI.

Working Paper N° 44

Price-setting behaviour in Belgium: what can be learned from an ad hoc survey?

Working Paper N° 65

Time-dependent versus State-dependent Pricing: A Panel Data Approach to the Determinants of Belgian Consumer Price Changes

Working Paper N° 66

Measuring inflation persistence: a structural time series approach

Working Paper N° 70

Price setting in the euro area: Some stylized facts from Individual Consumer Price Data published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20(2), Spring 2006, pp. 171-192

Working Paper N° 74

The patterns and determinants of price setting in the Belgian industry

Working Paper N° 82