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Comparative advantage, multi-product firms and trade liberalisation: An empirical test

Working Paper N° 219

Institutions and export dynamics

Working Paper N° 220

Implementation of EU legislation on rail liberalisation in Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands

Working Paper N° 221

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and the origins of the euro

Working Paper N° 222

(Not so) easy come, (still) easy go? Footloose multinationals revisited

Working Paper N° 223

Asymmetric information in credit markets, bank leverage cycles and macroeconomic dynamics

Working Paper N° 224

Dissecting the dynamics of the US trade balance in an estimated equilibrium model

Working Paper N° 226

On the origins of the Triffin dilemma: Empirical business cycle analysis and imperfect competition theory

Working Paper N° 240

The influence of the Taylor rule on US monetary policy

Working Paper N° 241