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The labour market and fiscal impact of labour reductions: the case of reduction of employers' social security contributions under a wage norm regime with automatic price indexing of wages

Réduction linéaire de cotisations patronales à la sécurité sociale et financement alternatif

Downward wage rigidity for different workers and firms: An evaluation for Belgium using the IWFP procedure

Institutional features of wage bargaining in 23 European countries, the US and Japan

Understanding sectoral differences in downward real wage rigidity: workforce composition, institutions, technology and competition

Inter-industry wage differentials: How much does rent sharing matter?

Downward nominal and real wage rigidity: Survey evidence from European firms

The margins of labour cost adjustment: Survey evidence from European firms

Inter-industry wage differentials in EU countries: What do cross-country time-varying data add to the picture?

The incidence of nominal and real wage rigidity: An individual-based sectoral approach