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How sustainable are the finances of the federal government, the regions and the communities in Belgium?

Does offshoring shape labor market imperfections? A comparative analysis of Belgian and Dutch firms

Working Paper N° 425

Wirtschaftsindikatoren für Belgien (F-N-E) (2022-45)PDF

Income inequality and the German export surplus

Working Paper N° 424

Housing inequality and how fiscal policy shapes it: Evidence from Belgian real estate

Working Paper N° 423

Bank competition and bargaining over refinancing

Working Paper N° 422

Evaluating heterogeneous effects of housing-sector-specific macroprudential policy tools on Belgian house price growth

Working Paper N° 421

Over-indebtedness and poverty : Patterns across household types and policy effects

Working Paper N° 420

Labour supply of households facing a risk of job loss

Working Paper N° 419

The long and short of financing government spending

Working Paper N° 418