Joint European Central Bank / National Bank of Belgium conference – Crossing the chasm to the retail payments of tomorrow

26 and 27 November 2019, Brussels



The European Central Bank and the Nationale Bank van België/Banque Nationale de Belgique will host a conference entitled “Crossing the chasm to the retail payments of tomorrow”. This conference will be the sixth in the series of high-profile retail payments conferences organised by the ECB in cooperation with a national central bank. These conferences have proven to be an excellent platform for bringing together market participants, policymakers, regulators and academics to share experiences, research and policy analysis.

Objective of the conference

Payments conf

This conference aims at focusing the strategic debate on the possible disruptions facing the retail payments space, and their potential impact, in the context of the more incremental transformation that is under way. The objective is to improve authorities’, academics’ and practitioners’ understanding of this phenomenon, as well as to identify possible future developments and dynamics that will ensure an innovative, integrated and competitive retail payments landscape in Europe, taking into account the global perspective.