The National Bank, a 3-star ecodynamic enterprise

In 2014 the Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (IBGE/BIM) awarded the National Bank the “Ecodynamic enterprise” label (3 stars) for the third time, in recognition of the great efforts made by the National Bank and its staff in the environmental sphere. Below are some examples of measures carried out in the past period.

Ecomanagement = economising

Eco label
Eco Label —
  • Install cooling ceilings and super-insulating glazing
  • Reduce floor area used per employee
  • Generate energy with a combined heat and power generator to meet part of the Bank's electricity and heating needs
  • Use more economical SSD hard disks
  • Install solar shading and energy-efficient humidification
  • Install two charging points for electric cars

Ecomanagement = good practice

Separate waste packaging from food and donate unsold meals

  • Purify and recycle all waste water from the printing works
  • Encourage teleworking and video/audio conferences
  • Propose trains as the preferred means of transport for European trips if there is a high-speed rail link
  • Encourage cycling by installing bicycle racks, showers and cloakrooms

Ecomanagement = creativity

  • Install a green roof
  • Reuse euro-palettes and recycle waste timber
  • Reduce solvents to eliminate the need for filtering.
  • Drastically reduce the number of printers
  • Organise various measures to make staff aware of sustainability
  • Systematically check whether everyday office products are eco-friendly
  • Increase the proportion of sustainable food and reduce CO2 emissions generated by food
  • Donate disused IT equipment to schools, 'Close the Gap' and 'Out of Use'

This list is by no means comprehensive, and neither is the 3-star label an end in itself. Finally, the stars are only awarded for three years, so the National Bank will certainly not rest on its laurels but will constantly maintain its efforts.