09/04/2020 – Data collection is fundamental

    We would greatly appreciate it if you would continue to fill in the National Bank surveys and declarations to the best of your ability. It is your cooperation that enables us to assess the consequences of this crisis and thus recommend appropriate support measures for the population and businesses.
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05/02/2020 – Portfolio surveys (domain PRT): profile- and contact information

    For optimum management of your file, it is imperative that you fill in and keep up to date the contact information of the responsible declarer(s) at your company.
    The new year is a great time to fill in or check these details. If you register in OneGate, both your profile and the persons responsible for the declaration(s) are immediately accessible from the homepage. At least one general contact person is necessary, but it is possible to further specify this per report or even per form. Consult the quick start guide.

    With effect from 1 June 2020, contact information must be entered for the PRT domain (portfolio) to gain access to the declarations.

18/10/2019 – Intrastat: declaration of the supplementary units

    The declaration of supplementary units is only required for certain commodity codes. From now on, OneGate will automatically remove this non-mandatory information when saving the data you have entered.

08/07/2019 – Improved version available on 2019/07/15!

    An improved version of OneGate will be released on Monday 2019/07/15. Please note that this may result in a very short unavailability (5 to 10 minutes) of the application during the morning. You can consult this document to get a short overview of the improvements brought. We would like to thank all the users who gave us their constructive comments and thus contributed to this new version of OneGate.

15/03/2019 – Encountering slowness issues on the new interface

11/01/2019 – Are you encountering technical issues with the new interface?

    Consult our short guide of the most frequently encountered technical problems with OneGate’s new user interface. Available in French, Dutch and English. You did not find a suitable answer in this guide? Then please contact access.onegate@nbb.be and give us the details of your problem. We will help as soon as possible.


04/09/2018 – INTRASTAT IN 2019

15/12/2017 – Upgrade security protocol NBB applications to TLS1.2

    Upgrade security protocol NBB applications to TLS1.2. Read more.