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   Table of Contents
      Economic indicators for Belgium  [latest pdf-version]
            Summary table of actual figures
            Summary table of the forecasts
            Real GDP  [more national accounts statistics]
            Activity  [more activity statistics]
            Employment  [more labour market statistics]
            Unemployment  [more unemployment statistics]
            Business survey  [more business survey statistics]
            Consumer survey  [more consumer survey statistics]
            Harmonised index of consumer prices  [more price indices]
            Public finances - General government  [more public finance statistics]
            Foreign trade  [more foreign trade statistics]
          Balance of payments  [more balance of payments statistics]
            International Investment Position (from 2010)  [more international position statistics]
            Interest rates  [more interest rates]
            Exchange rates  [more exchange rates]
            Stock and commodities market  [more stock market statistics]
            Monetary aggregates  [more financial statistics]
            Financial accounts  [more financial accounts statistics]
      Forecasts of the Federal Planning Bureau for the economical budget
      National accounts - ESA 2010  [Methodological reference]
      National accounts - ESA95
      Population and labour market
      Business surveys  [Methodological reference]
      Consumer survey  [Methodological reference]
      Prices and wages
      Public finance  [Methodological reference]
      Belgian foreign trade  [Methodological reference]
      Balance of payments  [Important notice]
      International investment position, Gross external debt and Official reserve assets  [Important notice]
      Foreign direct investment statistics  [Updated notice]
      Interest rates  [Methodological reference]
      Exchange rates  [Methodological reference]
      Financial statistics and markets  [Methodological reference]
      Financial accounts of Belgium  [Methodological reference]
      Annual accounts of non-financial enterprises

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