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The daily calendar is a chronological list of upcoming statistical publications. As well as the name of the published indicator, this includes the new period(s) planned and the form of publication (press release, Belgostat, paper publication etc.)
Overview of the new statistical information available on Belgostat Online
Chronology of the statistical publications.
Overview of the most recent key figures of the Belgian economy.
Via the Observatory for credit to companies website, the National Bank provides information on bank lending to companies.
Monthly results of the MIR survey, a harmonised survey of the euro zone. This survey concerns the rates applied by monetary financial institutions to the deposits and loans of non-financial corporations and households. The results for Belgium are published with analytical supplements enabling a comparison with the results for the euro area.
Click here to start the demo. This short presentation shows you how to make optimal use of the functionalities of the multidimensional search.
Click here to start the demo. This short presentation shows you how to make optimal use of the functionalities of Belgostat online.
Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)
The Belgian government is committed to observing the IMF standards for the circulation of macroeconomic statistics. This involves the prompt publication of figures according to a publication schedule with full information on their content and composition. The published data and metadata concern the national economy and relations with other countries.
These statistics are suitable for presentation in dynamic tables with multiple axes. You can modify rows and columns according to your favorite presentation of the table. The demo illustrates this with an example.
Belgostat is an online database containing elaborate macro-economic statistics. The data are presented in tables, of which you can change the presentation or save a selection of series. Clicking on the title of a domain will lead you to the Belgostat table of contents with all available tables for this subject. The table icon opens a key table with major series for this domain. This key table also contains a link to more detailed data for this subject.
The Eurosystem has taken up the project of electronical dissemination of national contributions to statistical aggregates for the euro area. For this project the National Bank of Belgium publishes, as well as the European Central Bank and other national central banks of the Eurosystem, the national contributions for all countries of the Eurosystem, for the following statistics:
Organised by the central banks of the Eurosystem, this is a national quarterly survey of the largest credit institutions regarding the developments on the credit market. The credit institutions give their opinion on the supply conditions and demand for credit, in the recent past and the near future. The results for Belgium and for the whole of the European region are available.
Contains essential basic information for reporting by credit institutions, namely the exchange rates to be used in the monthly reporting.
(Monthly updated exotic exchange rates)
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